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With Reddot Networks services, you can actually lower your organizations monthly telecom spending by potentially up to 50 percent!. All while providing your business with a rich, robust set of communication and collaboration features across your enterprise.

Reddot's easily scalable unified cloud-based VoIP services successfully address internal and customer-facing communications challenges in ways that few traditional phone systems can.

Now is the time to release your organization from the costly grip of a wired, and equipment-heavy phone system and go VoIP.






IVR Features

Multi Level IVR
It's a hierarchical structure which expands the capability in order to lets you route your customer calls to teams or agents with a customizable call flow mechanism.
Professional Recording
We offer professionally recording in studio for played on your IVR, Music on Hold, and Voicemail in multiple languages and accents.
Build your audio
You can build a highly natural voice to with our Text to Speech feature which supports more than 10 languages and accents. Also, you can upload your file audio or record directly from your Voice extension.
Drag and Drop Configuration
You have the capability to set up your IVR from your user dashboard. Only Drag-&-drop using our friendly interface allow manage the call flow makes it easy to design and build.

Cloud PBX Features

Hosted PBX
it's an IP-based telephony solution allocate over Cloud Data Center —not at your office—capable to delivered through your internet connection in anyplace in the world
Call Reports
it's a tool that provides information about calls received and made over your phone service, with detailed info like date and time, originating number, destination number and duration.
Call Monitoring
it's a call center feature that lets managers listen in on agents' calls in order to improve agent performance and coaching

Fax Features

Reduces the waste of paper, toner cartridges by receiving faxes on computer. Additional, it's secure, Faxes are no longer received by a fax machine which is easily accessed by other people.
Fax to Email
It offers your staff a convenient way to send, receive and manage faxes directly from their computers, tablets and cell phone
Fax Web Portal
You can send and receive Faxes on your user web portal, and get a report of all faxes sent and received.
For the users who want to use their old analog machines we offer our Fax ATA device that will allow you to use our Fax services with your Analog Fax Machine.

Softphone Features

Unified communications
Our Platform is capable to handle instant messaging (chat), presence information, mobility features (including extension mobility and single number reach), audio, web & video calls
Softphone for Desktop
We support most 3rd party softphone for Windows and Mac so you have the freedom to choose the one you like the most.
Softphone for iPhone® and Android™
We support most 3rd party softphone for IPhone and Android™ so you have the freedom to choose the one you like the most.

Audio Features

You can listen and customize your voicemail both on your user dashboard and phone.
Voicemail to Email
You can configure to receive your voicemail audio through an E-Mail.
Music on Hold
Add custom music for your music on hold feature.
Text to Speech
You can create audios on your user dashboard with Text to Speech in multiple languages and use these audios for voicemail, music on hold, IVR, etc.

SMS Features

SMS to Email
Allow receive regular phone text (SMS) directly thru your email (computer, tablet or cell phone)
Email to SMS
Our platform allow send reminder or notifications SMS to your customer thru your email
SMS Blast
it's a powerful marketing tool to catch new customer or customer care, sending mass SMS a list of numbers

Extra Features

Conference Room
it's a feature that connects multiple callers on a virtual room for meeting.
Speed Dials
Allow the user to place a call by pressing a reduced number of keys
BLF (Busy Lamp Field)
It's a feature that tells you whether another extension connected to the same PBX is busy or no. its very useful for receptionist or assistant!
Call Campaign
An outbound call campaign involves tasking agents to place calls with the intention of making sales, generating leads, marketing a brand, or performing research. ... Without an outbound dialler, agents would need to individually dial each number, which is highly labour intensive and spend dead time

Dashboard Features

Extension Setup
Configure your Extension Name, E-Mail, Password, etc from your user dashboard. Include easy-softphone-setup scanning a QR code
Forward Configuration
Allow from your user dashboard route your calls to another phone number to don't lose a call
User Web Access
Web Portal access to a user dashboard for configuration capability of most of your PBX! and each user have a additional access to handle only parameters regards his extension

Tested Softphone/Device Compatibility


Additional Voice Services

Professional Voice Recording Up to 100 words $ 99 .00
Call Campaign Per 10k Calls $ 24 .95
International Number Unlimited Incoming Call Minutes $ 24 .95
Vanity US Toll Free Custom 1800 Numbers $ 14 .95

Other Services

SMS to E-mail SMS to E-Mail / E-Mail to SMS $ 4 .95
Fax Line ATA Fax for using Efax with Fax Machine $ 4 .95
Blast SMS Coming Soon $ 0 .00
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