Fiber To Building


RedDot is a telecommunication provider located in Miami, Florida. Part of our services is delivering the infrastructure required to support your communication needs, from Fiber optic, dedicated internet, PBX phone systems, Hotspots, security cameras to wireless internet, access control and more.

As an FCC ISP licensed Provider, we have distributions agreements with the principal Fiber optic corporations in the area, allowing us to offer better prices and maintaining the quality. We can provide synchronous Internet access, VPN, MPLS, P2P, wireless link and more.

Fiber to the building is our answer to Property managers, developers, Owners to:

  • Upgrade your property with fiber optic and start offering a reliable service to your customers.
  • Receive a monthly residual for those services without any investment.


  • Fiber Optic Internet
  • Access control
  • Surveillance
  • VoIP
  • Managed Network Services.

Customer Success Stories

Beacon Hallandale, Hallandale FL

We wired this building with Fiber optic. Using GPON from Ubiquiti, we are connecting all the offices to a Gb local loop. With this technology, we are able to transport voice and Data using different wavelengths, avoiding any problem for package loss. The offer in this case, starts on 300Mb. The construction of the network, wiring, connections, etc. was made by our team.


2020, North Miami, FL

We are in charge of manage the network for 60 independent offices. We connected this building with 500Mb circuit, Cloud PBX and manage the broadband, network security, load balancing, etc. Every office is up for rent with full service included..