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We know how much your business relies on your Internet access. Reddot Networks has a fast and reliable connection to increase your productivity and give your business an edge. Choose the speed that's best for your business. Work faster and smarter with the speed, reliability and savings that only Reddot Networks Internet can deliver. When your business needs an even faster private connection and fiber-based dedicated Internet access, we’ve got you covered.




Choose the package that is perfect for you

Standard Plan

$49.95/ monthly

50 Mbps

  • 5 Users
  • 1 Static IP
  • Managed Router
  • Dual Band 2Ghz/5Ghz Wifi
  • No Fiber
  • Throttled Streaming

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Fastest Plan

$119.95/ monthly

150 Mbps

  • 15 Users
  • 1 Static IP
  • Managed Router
  • Dual Band 2Ghz/5Ghz Wifi
  • Depending On Location Fiber Connection To Office
  • Unlimited Streaming

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* Prices may vary please call for a accurate pricing for your location
* We will only manage routers leased from us unless you have subscribed to our Network Management Plan.
* Streaming will only be throttled if we detect it is out of the regular usage parameters.

Additional Internet Services

Extra Static IP Service Comes With 1 Static IP $ 14 .95
Technical Support Per hour $ 90 .00
Network Cabling labor and parts included $ 90 .00
Access Points Better WIFI Performance $ 9 .95

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