RedDot Network offers you a monitoring solution that is revolutionizing how the work is done. Using an electronic sensor connected to our 0G wireless network, we are able to obtain data in real time, 24/7, 365 days to get analytics enables cost-efficient actions, detailed performance reports, geo positioning detail and full monitoring functions to truly optimize even the most complex of operations

Waste & Recycling

Fill Level Measurements:
sensors accurately measure the fill-level of garbage bins of different shapes and sizes and report to the back end using our network. with this information, you can plan and schedule collections, manages how fast bins are filling up.

Upgrade Route Optimizations:
Automated route optimization of garbage pickup trucks. These trucks generally follow a specific route every day to collect trash. The drivers generally don’t know how full a trash bin is before they encounter it. That results in a lot of wasted time, fuel, and traffic.

Not only are these bins optimizing fleet logistics operations and reducing fuel consumption, but they’re also recording the number of times they’re emptied and how fast they fill up, planning the better distribution of garbage bins, zeroing on problems (e.g.incorrect disposal practices), or reducing waste going to the landfill. Solid and liquids. Now you can create a powerful routing system that meets the needs of your customers, saving money and time.

Sewer Network Monitoring

Sewer network monitoring makes it possible to detect clogging, to identify the parasitic inputs (parasitic clear water) and the active surfaces, to follow continuously the dynamic of the network and the increase in load.

Upgrade Route Optimizations:

  • Better anticipation of cleaning / maintenance actions
  • Improve rainfall management
  • Comply with regulatory constraints
  • Real time dashboard
  • Map displaying clogging speed alert and active surface
  • Flow and inflow leaks calculation
  • Rainfall aggregation
  • email & SMS alerts
  • Measurement history